About SVVC

Southern Vegas Valley Contracting (SVVC) is a full-service remodel and contracting company offering indoor and outdoor construction services addressing diverse client goals to create beautiful and functional spaces.

Founded nearly 20 years ago, SVVC has completed custom homes, enumerable single-family home remodeling projects, townhome and condominium remodels, apartment complexes and commercial construction projects. SVVC specializes in residential remodels, outdoor living spaces, and brand new home customization helping clients create their unique vision of home.

Our Philosophy

At SVVC, we are committed to creating an environment you will be proud to call your home. We continuously research residential design trends to keep apprised of both current and emerging ideas, styles, and products. Our ongoing communications with product vendors and tradespeople is an invaluable resource available to contribute to your project. 

Home enhancement projects can be small or large, indoor and/or outdoor, and always involve many moving parts and people; since we handle the planning, design, and construction aspects, we typically find there are fewer unanticipated project obstacles and delays. Whether construction details are behind the walls or design details seen daily in the finished product, it is our goal to ensure quality installations while creating a place you are proud to call your home. 

Alan Schrimpf

Founder & Owner

With more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Alan Schrimpf’s reputation precedes him. He is known for delivering high-quality construction projects throughout Southern Nevada and in several other states. Alan founded Southern Vegas Valley Contracting, LLC (SVVC) nearly 20 years ago and currently uses his expertise on each project to help homeowners create their ideal residential living spaces.

Alan’s vast knowledge and experience comes from years of industry work on projects ranging from residential homes of all sizes to retail centers, complete warehouse expansions, manufacturing facilities, and tilt-up commercial buildings. Alan is the Principal/Manager, Indemnitor, and Qualified Individual for CMS and Trade on all company NSCB licenses and the Principal on its multi-jurisdictional license. Over the decades, though the projects and clients have widely varied, Alan’s daily commitment to a hands-on approach has not.

Now, specializing in residential interior and exterior home transformations, from your initial project consultation with Alan you’ll find that he will listen to your home transformation ideas and questions, then add his own. Following our concierge approach to residential transformations, once a project plan is developed Alan remains available to you at each step as design ideas evolve and the substantive construction phases of your project are incorporated.

Also, integral to planning a project is Alan’s business philosophy regarding homes. In his words: “From the start, I like to have an honest conversation with each client. I ask them to look at their home not just for what it looks like, but in other ways too. I’ll ask: How long do you plan to stay here? If you have an older home and the answer is less than 5 years, rather than renovating where you are, might you consider selling and buying a new home from a national builder? Or perhaps buy a newer home in another neighborhood, then customize it? If a client sells and then buys a new home from a national builder dollar-wise it’s usually a good idea to complete their customization after closing. By doing your customization after closing you’ll have a wider variety of construction/room use choices of what can be done and available materials compared to the limited few from the builder. Though you’ll still be spending money to customize your home and living through some construction work after closing, I believe in all respects it’s still a great opportunity to get more dollar-for-dollar value and customization options for your money.” Alan also believes clients should think of their home as an investment, possibly a retirement tool. He says, “Though everyone should always consult with his/her financial professional to make the best decision in their circumstance, in most instances the money a client already invested in their home is capital gains money. It’s an asset that clients can enjoy now if they choose, whether physically staying where they are and renovating, or, selling and using a gain to move on to a new space.”

Community Involvement

Until his retirement 12/31/22 if Alan wasn’t on a construction site or with his family, you’d see him donating his time as a first responder. Following his lifelong desire to be involved in law enforcement, in early 2012 Alan graduated from the Nevada POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy), enabling him to become a Nevada Law Enforcement Officer. Since that time, he donated thousands of hours to the Nye County Sheriff’s Department in various capacities and assignments including serving as an Officer/Board Member of the Nye County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Foundation, a Nevada non-profit corporation. Alan retired as Lieutenant on Patrol and also served as the Department’s liaison to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Nevada Air National Guard. Not a day goes by that Alan doesn’t reflect on his years of service and continues to meaningfully support first responders.

“I found the most rewarding part of that job was being able to assist the injured accident, overdose, or crime victim in the critical moments during or immediately following an event. Once the injured were stable and recovering I’d then see what further resources I could direct them to and/or assist with to help them regain a sense of normal life and, hopefully, positively move forward. Those one on one interactions and follow up support opportunities were incredibly important and meaningful to me. Certainly one of the main reasons I became a first responder.”

Alan has also had a lifelong love and respect for our military. So much so that from 2011 to its 2016 Memorial Day dedication Alan and SVVC had a primary, extensive role in the planning, fundraising, and daily construction supervision of the State’s Veteran’s Memorial located at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building Complex. 

“The Nevada State Veterans Memorial, Las Vegas serves as a reminder to all that we will forever honor the heroism and spirit of those who have and will serve in our nation’s military…  [it is] a monument recognizing the service and sacrifice of Americans, especially Nevada veterans and their families.  The two-acre memorial and park features 18 larger-than-life statues, depicting soldiers, from the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terror and civilians [including family members].  The memorial serves as a reminder to forever honor the proud principles upon which this nation was founded, and the spirit and heroism of those who have, and will, answer the call of duty.”
– Nevada Veteran’s Memorial Website

By design and necessity, there were many community contributors to this Memorial. For his part, Alan was one of the founding LVMF Board members, personally raised $1.8 million in cash and in-kind building materials and labor donations from the Las Vegas community, and served as the primary daily on-site contractor during the Memorial’s 2015 Veteran’s Day start of construction through its 2016 Memorial Day Dedication.